Car Care News Service 2.0

We're hard at work developing a new site and a new look. Before we launch, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at what's to come.

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Car Care News Service

About Car Care News Service

Since 1964, the Car Care News Service (CCNS) has enabled automotive aftermarket manufacturers and trade associations to build brand familiarity and trust with vehicle owners.

Who We Are

Car Care News Service is a proven multi-media content distribution network that helps aftermarket manufacturers and trade associations amplify their brand messages. We provide our sponsors with a simple, fast, and efficient way to connect their brand stories with motorists.

What We Do

CCNS distributes free and credible vehicle care content to thousands of traditional and digital media outlets, bloggers, social media channels, and repair shops. Our sponsors' brand stories are re-distributed through online and offline media, and then consumed by millions of motorists interested in vehicle maintenance, repair, and enhancement.

Car Care News Service 2.0

Introducing: CCNS 2.0

The car care industry's premiere news and information portal is evolving.

We are expanding our reach to media outlets, bloggers, auto repair shops, and other content seekers. They, along with our sponsors, will experience a better-optimized, more graphical, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate site. Car Care News Service 2.0 is the next step in the evolution of content marketing for the car care industry.

Car Care News Service 2.0

Branded Sponsor Section

Your brand’s content organized and optimized for maximum visibility.

As a sponsor you will get a section of the site dedicated to your brand. Think of your Branded Sponsor Section as an easy-to-navigate microsite that contains all of your brand's content and spreads it to multiple media, consumer, and trade channels.

Enhanced SEO and easier search and navigation give you increased viewership and redistribution of your content. Your brand will be featured on the main site as well as your Branded Sponsor Section.

Car Care News Service 2.0

Content Analytics

Your content’s reach and effectiveness presented in an easy-to- understand format.

A vital part of every marketer’s job is understanding the value of their content marketing.

We help your content get seen and then seen again. As your brand impact grows through the Car Care News Service network, you’ll have access to reports and metrics that give you a deeper understanding of your brand’s reach to important viral audiences.

Car Care News Service 2.0

New services for even greater ROI.

Content Creation

Print Content

- Experienced copywriters write your story
- Maximum media pick-up

Video Content

- Impactful brand stories
- Optimized for maximum viewership

Curation and Optimization

- Manage your existing content inventory.
- Optimize content for maximum pick-up.

Outbound Marketing

- Access to vehicle repair audiences
- Custom database of 140,000+ repair shops

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CCNS 2.0 will be the premier platform to amplify your brand content. To learn more about CCNS 2.0 contact us via the form below.

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